Tapis de yoga double face

Tapis de yoga double face


One day you’re humble? Another you’re feeling like a warrior..

You can be both with the HW reversible yoga mat.

  • Single layer, reversible Eco Mat

  • Material: TPE + TC (polyester + cotton) – biodegradable, anti-bacterial

  • Dimensions 173x 61cm x 6mm

  • Tips: as an eco-feature, this mat will decompose over time.  Cracking and dryness are normal phases in the process. To extend the life of the eco mat, please avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight exposure

Cleaning Methods:

Wipe mat with cloth dipped in soapy water; rince & wipe clean

Spray mat with mix of water + 1-2 drops of tea tree and orange essential oil, wipe clean. Submerge in bath water with 1 capsule of white vinegar 

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